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BRP Magic Book is going to the printer!

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates, but there hasn’t been too much to report on. I’ve finished up a supplement for The Legacy of Arrius Lurco, called Lux in Tenebras; it’s a .pdf-only book, and is currently under final review by the MRP head honcho Tom. I expect it’ll be available next week. I’ll post a cover shot of it soon.

Meanwhile, the artists continue to crank away at the art assets for Gaslight 3rd. ed. We’re basically in a holding pattern until those are done. What i have seen looks amazing.

The big news at the moment is that i talked to Charlie today, and the BRP Magic Book, which has been done on my end for a few months now, is finally going to the printer this week. Huzzah! I’ve been waiting to see that thing on the shelves. If you’re a BRP Fantasy guy, and want to delve more into magic, this will be right up your alley.

Obviously, it’s a bet of a mess around here at the moment.

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

I was attempting to do some reformatting of the title page graphics and such, but obviously it needs more work. I think a major overhaul is in order, but i’m going to need some help with it- i’m not much of a coder, but i can tell there’s some code-wrangling i’m going to need to do to get the site the way i want it.

At any rate, i fired off the CD for the BRP Magic Book to Chaosium this week, and have been making more tweaks to Arrius Lurco while Tom and his crew go over it for mistakes and corrections. I also talked to Scott at Pagan, and amoung other things, i pitched him my (Altered) Resonance scenario, which he is very keen on. So all i have to do is polish it off (which should take about a month or so), and send it off to him. Woot.

I’ve also started working on Project: Top Hat some more, which at this stage of the game, is really herding all the text together. I’m dealing with different editions of stuff, plus some brand new text that was written specifically for the new edition, so i’m getting a lot of practice with OCR. Not exactly fun fun, but it’s grunt work that’s gotta get done before anything else with the book design happens.

Lots of stuff going on

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

First, i’m very happy to say that i’ve just burned the disc with the final file for the BRP Magic Book; it’s done, out the door, stick a fork in it. Huzzah! Now, we have to see when it’ll fall into Chaosium’s printing queue. They know to expect it…

Next, i finished the first pass of the layout for Arrius Lurco, and the vast bulk of that book is done. Mostly now the work will consist of fine tuning the thing, getting the first few pages (title, ToC, and so on) finished.  I anticipate maybe another month at most before that’s ready for publication.

Lastly, i was at DunDraCon again this year, and ran a brand new scenario i wrote from scratch, called (Altered) Resonance. It was a big hit, and i plan on running it again at KublaCon…with the intention of using the playtesting to get that adventure ready to send to a  publisher (Pagan Pub will be first, since it’s Delta Green-related).

All in all, it’s been very productive as of late. Really happy to get the Magic Book out the door. It’ll be pretty damn cool, i think.

It’s those last few inches

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

There’s been more back-and-forth with the Magic Book in the past couple of weeks…a new list of corrections came in, which i attacked with verve, then kicked back a list to the editor of questions i had…meanwhile, the artist is *this* close to having his last to pieces done.

Meanwhile Arrrrrrius “i’m not a pirate!” Lurconomicus continues apace. I finished the first, big layout pass of all the scenarios, and now i’m going back to do the introduction, which is rather a huge section. And i taught myself something new; i can now mess with paragraph rules to the point that i can create those grey separators in charts. I know, total layout nerdness, and i’m sure anyone reading this with a hint of pro training would probably point and laugh at the fact that i didn’t know how to previously, but dammit, i figured it out. Let me have my little victory, dammit.

Oh, and lastly, i finally updated the “About” page here. I really need to get cracking on the gallery next.

I hate tabbed text.

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

There. I said it. I spit on thee, tabs. With Death’s last breath, i curse your name.


Now that that’s done, here’s a quick recap of the various sundry layout pies i have my, uh, fingers in:

Bumps: I sent off what should be the final final .pdf for approval by the Pagan guys. With any luck, this’ll find it’s way to the shelves around…April, i’m guessing?

BRP Magic Book: Sent a .pdf of that to Chaosium for approval. Alas, still waiting on the last two pieces of art. But still, it’s very close.

Arrius Lurco: This is moving along pretty damn swiftly. I finished with the first pass of scenario III, and have one more to go. Then it’s back to do the intro, and design the scenario header pages.

Project: Top Hat: No movement. I need to get cracking on this sharpish.

Ze Site: I’ve been doing some graphics work here and there to make a snazzier banner, but it’s not done yet. Soon, my pets. Soon.

Chunks and more chunks

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

I use the word “chunks” because that’s what i’ve been dealing with- big chunks of text. Specifically, i’ve gotten the first big chunk of Arrius Lurco, scenario I, all laid out. There will be plenty of fine-tuning needed, but overall it’s completed.

As an aside, here’s a demonstration, dear reader, of how dedicated i get to projects like this, and how much work not just myself, but most any good layout artist, puts into their projects. I have some images that i’m using for the backgrounds of the boxed texts. For one particular page, i used a copy of the image blown up to cover the full page. Well, when i did that, i noticed that the image looked almost half-toned, something i hadn’t noticed when i first scanned the image. What the hell? I can’t have that. So i looked at the raw image i had. Hm. Enlarging it shows that yes, indeed, it was half-toned. Crap. Must be the scanner (i’ve had this sort of problem before when scanning from glossy paper). So i scanned the image again. Same thing.

Long story short, i did multiple test scans, all showing the same problem. Okay, maybe it’s the book itself? I grabbed a magnifying glass, and sure enough, it was the printing of the book…so small normally, that the human eye wouldn’t pick it up, but the scanner sure as hell would.

Thankfully, i had a trick up me sleeve to take care of this, now that i knew what the cause was. It worked, and now everything looks fine.

The other chunk concerns the BRP Magic Book; i got the corrections back yesterday, so now i’ll pour over them and get them into the book that i have. Once that’s done, and the artist (Michael Cote) gets his pieces to me, we should be done!

Lots of stuff going on…

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Hopefully i can remember all of it. I’ve been having to deal with some personal stuff lately, so i haven’t had a chance to do much here. That should change soon. But that doesn’t mean that i haven’t been hard at work. To wit:

– Arrius Lurco work continues. I’m still in the page element design phase, but i’m making headway. I’m really itching to start on plugging the text in, but one thing at a time…

– The review of the BRP Magic Book goes on, as well. I haven’t heard from Ben Monroe in the past few days, but last time i did, he was well on his way to getting his list of corrections/additions to me.

– Now that i have some spare time, i’m making some updates to the site, finally. The first of which is that Squamous Studios has it’s own Twitter account! You can find us by searching for squamousstudios. And i’ll be adding one of those Twit buttons on the home page soonish.

– I’m also working on an actual logo for the site, which will lead to a more general revamping of this place. It needs a lot of work, this little joint. Kind of drafty and moldy at the moment.

– And lastly, we’re now a part of the RPG Bloggers network- yet something else that’s on my plate to do is get their graphic put on the site. In the meantime, however, you can check that all out at

Introducing Project: Top Hat

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

I met with Charlie at Chaosium last Friday to discuss some things, and show him the latest on the BRP Magic Book. The layout is pretty much done, but in going over it, we both agreed that the last section of the book needs a couple of art elements for it, so i’m working with Freezer Clown to get some more images.

I also received a new assignment, which, as i’m not sure i can reveal yet, will just call for now Project: Top Hat. It’s going to be a pretty major book for fans of Call of Cthulhu, and i’m excited as hell to get working on it.

Bumps is still looming at around 98% done; all i need is a couple of handouts and the logo…

Update on various projects

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Suddenly, the stars are becoming right, and i’ve got movement on a few things i’ve been working on:

Bumps in the Night: i’m working through the last bits of corrections with Scott Glancy on this one, mostly having to do with map scales, bibliography, and, most importantly, those goddamn, accursed “pg. xx”‘s. None of them shall escape my layout wrath.

BRP Magic Book: finally got the feedback and stamps of approval i needed, so now it’s time to get through the first draft of layout. Should be pretty smooth sailing from here on out. Except for the tables. There’s lots of tables. Which involve tabs. I hate tabs.

Project: Pineal Gland: Still chugging away at this. Getting to the point where i’m going to have to figure out the ending. Heh.

Project: Bad Roommate: This was an old adventure idea for Call of Cthulhu in the Classic era, but got rejected at the time, as it wasn’t fleshed out enough. I’ve dragged it out, and am going to see if i can do something with it. No one’s done much with the tcho-tcho (outside of Pagan’s piece on Tiger Transit, i can think of little else), so that and a certain love interest twist makes me think it might be decent.