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Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Didn’t mean for me to neglect ol’ Squamy like that. Just been so busy with working on books that i forgot to stop and talk about the work!

Gaslight 3rd ed. continues to occupy the vast majority of my time. It’s really coming along quite nicely so far; i’ve about 3/4 of the way through getting the raw text in a managable form, taking care of boxed text items, and generally massaging the basic book into shape. There’s still plenty of work to be done as far as page decoration and such, but the core of the book is really getting there.

What’s really awesome is that i’ve been able to talk to both Kevin Ross and John T. Snyder about Gaslight; between John and another artists i’m lining up, this is really going to be a kick-ass looking sourcebook.

Meanwhile, bit by bit, inch by inch, Bumps in the Night crawls closer and closer out of its cavern and into the light. I swear.

It also sounds like i’ll be putting together some more material for MRP’s Arrius Lurco release, which will make all you Cthulhu Invictus fans even more happy. And we’ve got (i think) all of our ducks in a row for the next MRP release, so i’ll be talking about that soon-ish.

Lastly, Squamous Studios is involved in a non-RPG project, doing colouring work for a web comic. I’ll post more about that soon.

Obviously, it’s a bet of a mess around here at the moment.

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

I was attempting to do some reformatting of the title page graphics and such, but obviously it needs more work. I think a major overhaul is in order, but i’m going to need some help with it- i’m not much of a coder, but i can tell there’s some code-wrangling i’m going to need to do to get the site the way i want it.

At any rate, i fired off the CD for the BRP Magic Book to Chaosium this week, and have been making more tweaks to Arrius Lurco while Tom and his crew go over it for mistakes and corrections. I also talked to Scott at Pagan, and amoung other things, i pitched him my (Altered) Resonance scenario, which he is very keen on. So all i have to do is polish it off (which should take about a month or so), and send it off to him. Woot.

I’ve also started working on Project: Top Hat some more, which at this stage of the game, is really herding all the text together. I’m dealing with different editions of stuff, plus some brand new text that was written specifically for the new edition, so i’m getting a lot of practice with OCR. Not exactly fun fun, but it’s grunt work that’s gotta get done before anything else with the book design happens.

I hate tabbed text.

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

There. I said it. I spit on thee, tabs. With Death’s last breath, i curse your name.


Now that that’s done, here’s a quick recap of the various sundry layout pies i have my, uh, fingers in:

Bumps: I sent off what should be the final final .pdf for approval by the Pagan guys. With any luck, this’ll find it’s way to the shelves around…April, i’m guessing?

BRP Magic Book: Sent a .pdf of that to Chaosium for approval. Alas, still waiting on the last two pieces of art. But still, it’s very close.

Arrius Lurco: This is moving along pretty damn swiftly. I finished with the first pass of scenario III, and have one more to go. Then it’s back to do the intro, and design the scenario header pages.

Project: Top Hat: No movement. I need to get cracking on this sharpish.

Ze Site: I’ve been doing some graphics work here and there to make a snazzier banner, but it’s not done yet. Soon, my pets. Soon.

…..and i think we’re done!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The handouts are done, “page xx” bits have been wiped out, the credits have been updated…i think it’s safe to say that “Bumps in the Night” is finally finished! Hot damn!

I really need to give a special shout out here to Propnomicon, a person whose amazing prop work i’ve admired from afar for over a year. I was stumped recently on how to create one of the handouts needed for a particular scenario in the book, and contacted him for some advice. Prop went far, far beyond what i was asking for, and made this gorgeous handout! I’ll see what i can do about posting a picture of it at some point.

Anyway, i still need to get sign off from Scott at Pagan, and do my own final inspection, but i think this guy is good to go. *whew* Now maybe i’ll get a break before resuming work on the BRP Magic Book…

The last push for Bumps, and a new project

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I’ve gotten the last list of corrections that i need for Bumps in the Night, and am actively plugging them in. Fortunately it’s less than 3 pages worth, so not much of a big deal. I also got a font i needed. The sticky wicket right now are a couple of handouts i need to make, which i’m not terribly experienced at. I’ve somehow managed to rope in someone else who might be helping me out with this…if that happens, i’ll expand on this later. But even the advice is appreciated- i sure as hell am not at the level of the HPLHS guys.

And since the project’s getting announced, i feel safe in talking about it here: i’ll be designing The Legacy of Arrius Lurco, a new Cthulhu Invictus campaign written by Oscar Rios. Should be fun! More information about that book can be had here.

I haven’t had much time lately to work on Project: Pineal Gland, which sucks, because i’ve had it on my brain a lot recently. There’s a convention coming up next February that i’d love to playtest it at, so i’m hoping i can get it done before then.

Introducing Project: Top Hat

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

I met with Charlie at Chaosium last Friday to discuss some things, and show him the latest on the BRP Magic Book. The layout is pretty much done, but in going over it, we both agreed that the last section of the book needs a couple of art elements for it, so i’m working with Freezer Clown to get some more images.

I also received a new assignment, which, as i’m not sure i can reveal yet, will just call for now Project: Top Hat. It’s going to be a pretty major book for fans of Call of Cthulhu, and i’m excited as hell to get working on it.

Bumps is still looming at around 98% done; all i need is a couple of handouts and the logo…

Update on various projects

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Suddenly, the stars are becoming right, and i’ve got movement on a few things i’ve been working on:

Bumps in the Night: i’m working through the last bits of corrections with Scott Glancy on this one, mostly having to do with map scales, bibliography, and, most importantly, those goddamn, accursed “pg. xx”‘s. None of them shall escape my layout wrath.

BRP Magic Book: finally got the feedback and stamps of approval i needed, so now it’s time to get through the first draft of layout. Should be pretty smooth sailing from here on out. Except for the tables. There’s lots of tables. Which involve tabs. I hate tabs.

Project: Pineal Gland: Still chugging away at this. Getting to the point where i’m going to have to figure out the ending. Heh.

Project: Bad Roommate: This was an old adventure idea for Call of Cthulhu in the Classic era, but got rejected at the time, as it wasn’t fleshed out enough. I’ve dragged it out, and am going to see if i can do something with it. No one’s done much with the tcho-tcho (outside of Pagan’s piece on Tiger Transit, i can think of little else), so that and a certain love interest twist makes me think it might be decent.