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And we’re underway

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

The contract has been signed, so i’m now officially starting on Arrius Lurco! Of course, i’ve unofficially been working on it for several weeks, but don’t tell anyone. At this stage, i’m working on the page design elements and attempting to massage them all into shape, see if i can get things looking how i envision them. This is one of the first huge chunks of work that’s got to be completed. Once the design elements are in place, i can then go into InDesign and work on the templates for all the different chapters.

In other news, i was approached by Pagan Publishing recently about a scenario i’d submitted to them a loooong time ago for The Unspeakable Oath, their amazing magazine for Call of Cthulhu (you can find out the latest news on The Unspeakable Oath here). Pagan’s bringing it back, and wanted to possibly include it in an upcoming issue.

Alas, the scenario in question, “Mrs. Bentley’s Colouring Books”, was published about seven years ago in The Book of Dark Wisdom, another small press CoC magazine that switched format to publish fiction not soon after my scenario was published. And Pagan has a policy about publishing things that aren’t first run.

But- i proposed another scenario that *hasn’t* seen the light of day yet, which has been mentioned here under the rather suspicious name of “Project: Bad Roommate”. Shane Ivey at Pagan is interested, so as soon as i flesh it out some and give it a nice buff and polish, i’ll submit it. Woot!

Update on various projects

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Suddenly, the stars are becoming right, and i’ve got movement on a few things i’ve been working on:

Bumps in the Night: i’m working through the last bits of corrections with Scott Glancy on this one, mostly having to do with map scales, bibliography, and, most importantly, those goddamn, accursed “pg. xx”‘s. None of them shall escape my layout wrath.

BRP Magic Book: finally got the feedback and stamps of approval i needed, so now it’s time to get through the first draft of layout. Should be pretty smooth sailing from here on out. Except for the tables. There’s lots of tables. Which involve tabs. I hate tabs.

Project: Pineal Gland: Still chugging away at this. Getting to the point where i’m going to have to figure out the ending. Heh.

Project: Bad Roommate: This was an old adventure idea for Call of Cthulhu in the Classic era, but got rejected at the time, as it wasn’t fleshed out enough. I’ve dragged it out, and am going to see if i can do something with it. No one’s done much with the tcho-tcho (outside of Pagan’s piece on Tiger Transit, i can think of little else), so that and a certain love interest twist makes me think it might be decent.