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More feedback

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

I met with Charlie over the weekend to go over my mock ups, and get specific pointers on what he thought was going right, and what was going…not so right. Thankfully, overall, he likes the direction i’m going in. Most of the comments and criticisms he had were little things (increase the distance between paragraphs, get rid of the font point increase for the first paragraph, drop the transparency of this background art to 30%, and so on). The issue of header fonts continues to be a surprisingly sticky one; i’ve tried at least five iterations of different fonts for them, and so far, nothing can be agreed upon. I rather like the all caps one i’m using, but then, i liked the more period/tome styled font, too…back to the drawing board.

The basic layout design for the chapter start double page spread everyone seems to agree with, however, so that’s real good.

While that goes on, i continue working on Island of Ignorance for Golden Goblin Press, which is coming along fine. The only hitch with that book now is that, with everything else going on with the development of the project, getting someone to create the handouts for the adventures kinda slipped everyone’s minds, until i happened to bring it up. Whoops. 🙂

I’m also in the midst of polishing up my first book for Montag Press, M Against M. Had a bit of fun with it last night, creating my first [redacted] text for something. It’s always nice when something that i /think/ i can do in InDesign works how i planned it.

I also ran yet another playtest of Feed the Shoggoth over the weekend, and got more valuable feedback on it. I think this was the first time i ran it with seven players, and the game lasted about 1.5 hours…a bit too long, but not surprising. I think i may have to pitch the game as suitable for 3-6 players. And some interesting comments about any card that reduces scores actually dragging out the game, which is true. If i follow that advice, that’ll mean The Crown of the Yellow King will go under another revision…

Feedback Galore // MRP RIP

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Well, i had turned in my first layout example to Charlie and the gang last week, and, um, the feedback on it was…there were a lot of points brought up. All valid. So last night, i sent in two more examples- kind of a salad bar approach. “Pick and chose which bits from both of these that you like, and i’ll mash ’em all together, sprinkle some croutons and dressing on them, and Bob’s your uncle”.

So far, opinions on those are much more positive, and while they’re more things to address, my gut tells me that i’m on the right course now. I think what i’ll do, once the books are in (or maybe even when they’re in the process of being laid out, but the design is locked in), is post images of the evolution stages of design for the book. To show what worked and what didn’t.

In other feedback news, i’ve heard back from Golden Goblin Press, and Oscar is really happy with what i’ve done for the Cthulhu Companion. Work continues apace on that.

Sadly, i have to report that Tom has decided to put Miskatonic River Press on indefinite hiatus; the struggles of a new career, low sales and support, and the fact that managing a publishing house was distracting from his first love, writing, forced him to make a choice.

I joined up with MRP back in 2009, i think. Tom had announced that Keith Herber had suddenly died, and that Tom had no idea of what the future may hold for MRP. I instantly volunteered to help out in any way that i could. Turns out, Keith was in the process of laying out Our Ladies of Sorrow, so Tom enlisted my help in getting the files off Keith’s computer and finishing the book. Since then, i’ve had the joy to work with Tom as staff layout monkey. Tom has been nothing but a stand up guy, forthright and honest. He’s allowed me a metric shit ton of creative freedom, and really trusted me to do what i felt was right design-wise. This, in turn, allowed me to grow and experiment, really honing my skills as a designer. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity, or a better boss.

I’m terribly sad to see MRP having to stop production soon (we’ve two more books; a fiction anthology, and Punktown), but i don’t regret for one second all the hard work we sweated over. The quality of the writing was top notch, and Tom was able to wrangle some of the best artists and writers. I /know/ Keith would be proud of what Tom did with MRP. Cheers, mate.

And so it begins…

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Needless to say, the biggest news around here in the Shoggoth pits is Call of Cthulhu 7th edition (if you haven’t checked out the Kickstarter for it yet, you can do so here). I’ve been putting together design elements and resources, gathering fonts, and tinkering with page design. After some early struggles with InDesign not bending to my will, i’ve managed to get the start of a framework going for the basic page layout. Right now, i’m getting really fussy with fonts, and still haven’t decided on the final font for the header. But other parts are coming together, and i’m (mostly) happy with the results so far.

Part of the thrill and terror of this sort of project is that i feel that in some ways, i need to pull out all the stops, and use every ounce of skill and technique that i’ve learned over the years to make this the best book it can be. It also means a) still trying new things, and b) making sure i stick to my function-over-form rule.

I’ve been seeing a lot of clamor lately about “FFG edition/Spanish edition/French edition looks so gorgeous! That’s what we want!” on the interwebs. It would be really easy to try to mimic those designs, and i understand that some gamers really want a pretty book. But as a Keeper myself, i know that the first thing i want out of a rulebook is for it to allow me to read it easily, and find the information i need quickly. I cannot in good conscience let the organization of a book suffer to make it look more attractive.

Since i’ve been doing book design, i’ve by and large trusted my gut, as to what looked and felt right. That’s what has gotten me to this point. I’m not about to change that now. So…i hope people will be able to trust my judgement.

In other news, i’ve finished off Grimscribe’s Puppets (though i need to send the files off to MRP), and i’m making a lot of headway with my first book for Montag Press. I’m also gearing up layout for Golden Goblin’s first book, really diving back into art deco styling.

Beeeeeeg frikkin’ news

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Oh man. Where to start.

I guess i’ll be blunt. I’ve just, as of last week, been given the honour and responsibility of creating the book design and layout for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition.


Not only will i be doing the core rulebook, but i’ll also be designing the Investigator’s Handbook, as well as the Keeper’s Screen.

This, obviously, is a huge deal. And not something i take lightly. As someone who actively plays CoC, and knows about the….various opinions on how CoC 6th edition looks, and how i’m doing the book design for RPG i love the most, it’s a little daunting. Well, okay. A lot daunting. Kinda terrifying, but in a good way.

Anyway. I’ll be discussing my progress right here, at ol’ Squamous. Right now i’m in pre-production, going over the manuscript and getting ideas for the design. At this point, i’m pouring over fonts, how page elements might look, navigation, splash pages, and so on. One thing i’m keeping mind that, as pretty as this could be, it is still a /rule/ book, and needs to be easily referenced by people (one thing that people complained about with 6th ed. (me included) that it’s a bitch to find information in it sometimes). But i still want it to reflect a period look and feel, evocative of the Classic era. We’ll see how it goes.


Meanwhile, other stuff has been slithering around in the Squamous camp-

I’ve been pounding out a fiction anthology for Miskatonic River Press, called The Grimscribe’s Puppets:


The first pass is already done; now i’m going back and making corrections and the usual lot. I still hate italics text.

Work continues on the card art for FtS!. I’ve kinda lost track of how many i’ve finished, but i’ve gotta be close to the 30 mark. I need to post more examples about that here. I’ll get on that.

In non-Lovecraftian news, i’ve been hired as book designer for Montag Press! I’ve already received my first assignment from them; more news on that as it happens.