A new project, and a mystery revealed!

I’m happy to announce that i’ve recently signed a contract to work on a new book for Red Lion Publishing, called Medieval Tales. I’ll be doing the layout for not only the book (slated to be around 300 pages), but also a quickstart guide and a character sheet. This’ll be my first book project that has nothing to do with the horror genre, so this will be a way for me to stretch myself creatively. Plus, i’ll get to do the cover this time….oddly, i’ve never designed a cover before. Things are just getting underway, but i’m sure i’ll have more news on this book soon.

So that’s announcement number one. The second announcement has to do with something that i’ve actually alluded to here on the site a few times before. Those mysterious numbers i’ve been posting about? They’ve been in reference to a card game that i’ve been designing (those numbers were a running count of how many cards i’d actually made). The game is called “Feed the Shoggoth!”; the premise being that you and your opponents are the head of a cult faction, all vying for control of the shoggoth that’s moving around the table. To gain points and win the game, you must sacrifice your Minions to the shoggoth, moving the shoggoth in front of you to do so. Your opponents are attempting to do the same thing, whilst also trying to prevent you from sacrificing Minions.

I’ve been in the development phase for the past couple of months, writing the rules, drawing out the cards, figuring out the special abilities of the Cult Factions, doing a LOT of cutting and pasting and erasing and Post-It notes and glue sticks and little bits of laminate that i’m still finding in places i shouldn’t…


Anyway, i’m now at the play test phase, of which i had my first session last night. We ran through two games; the first one uncovered a number of issues with the rules (why the hell i never thought of a discard phase during player’s turns, i’ll never know), and i had players point out some cards that weren’t clear enough in their descriptions. The second game went a lot smoother (and quicker), partly because they players were now familiar with the game, and partly because i implemented some of the rules changes that were suggested. So a big success overall.

And hell, the game’s playable, after the first try! Not too shabby.

Once i get things more together, i’ll start going more in depth as to the game development, and what it’s taken to get this thing going. There’s still plenty of work ahead!


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