Playtest session #2 is in the books

Last Saturday, i ran more playtesting with a new batch of victims- uh, i mean, volunteers. With the new rules modifications (and tweaking of several of the cards), the games went a lot smoother than the first weekend. And even those games weren’t that bad. In fact, it went so well, we ended up having a third game played.

I had four players this last time, as compared to six on the first weekend. This was very desirable, as i needed to see if the game would play well with four as well as six. Later on in the evening, we gained a fifth, and it was interesting to see how the game dynamics changed. The Minions, those cards you need to sacrifice to the shoggoth, became an even rarer commodity as the third game developed. Some faction’s special abilities really got important at the later stages of the game.

The best compliment i got that day was a player telling me that she was surprised that it was that late, as she felt the time had flew by when playing the game…three times in a row!

I’m starting to feel really good about what i’ve got here. Now i’ve got to get the whole artist thing sorted out. When i get them together, i’ll post some pictures of the development process involved in making the prototype deck…

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