Blind playtests are done!

I spent Memorial Day weekend running play tests for Feed the Shoggoth!, all afternoon Saturday and Sunday at KublaCon in Burlingame (KubaCon being the biggest gaming convention in Northern California). This was the Big Test for the game, as far as i was concerned. The play tests i’d conducted in April were awesome, of course, and tremendously helpful. But they were in a controlled environment, with people i knew, who had been told in advance what to expect.

This time, it was me, sitting at a table in the Open Gaming area, waiting for people to wander by and hope they might want to try it out. I did put up a number of flyers around the Con, but didn’t put it in the official registration.

Kubla had a great new system that they introduced this year for the Open Gaming area; they put a big map up of all the tables, what games were being run at them, and, if you were looking for more players, you could borrow a bright orange flag to attach to your table.

Sadly, i didn’t pick up on this until an hour into my first play test slot. I ended up doing 3 sessions that day. All of which ended up being three player games, which was real interesting; all the other games had had at least four participants. With 3, there’s more card flinging and not that much strategy, so it played with more of a beer and pretzel vibe. One thing that was cool was that, in the last game, one player was all of 8 years old, and picked the game up in about five minutes.

Sunday was a lot busier. In fact, i didn’t stop demo’ing the game for the entire 5 hour time slot. The number of players varied between 3 and 6, with some sticking around for 2 or more games, because they were having so much fun with it.

Everyone also told me that they *like* the artwork…which is great on one hand, but on the other, if i decide to stick with what i’ve done art-wise, that means a ton more work on my part. Oye. 120+ pieces of card art to clean up…

I also feel compelled to mention that, during the entire weekend, i didn’t win ONE game. Hmmph.

A big bonus- my friend Justin came through big time with the painted Shoggoth miniature that i used in place of the Shoggoth card. It looks *amazing*. I’ll post a picture of it here soon.

Besides all that, i ran a Call of Cthulhu scenario that i’d written, “The Mystery of Flight 101”, for the first time. It went well, but was a lot shorter than i’d anticipated. The players dug it, and again, had some really good feedback. I plan on expanding it a bit and see how that goes.

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