The contract is in the mail…

…literally. I just got a contract from MRP, so now i can officially announce that i’ll be working on Tales of the Sleepless City, a collection of Call of Cthulhu adventures centered in and around New Yawk. I’m sure the fact that Tom Lynch is from NY has absolutely nothing to do with this. 😉 In addition, there’s a couple of other projects attached to that contract, but, um, i can’t talk about them yet.

Meanwhile, the art situation seems to be slowly untangling itself. It looks like i’ll have found some people to help out soon, so i need to get some raw card scans done and sent to them, and see what they can do with the designs. If absolutely nothing else, i’ve gone and proven to myself that i *can*, if i need to, clean up the card designs well enough. And i’ve already got the template going (fonts, border, etc.) so that they’ll all be legible.  Looking through them, though, i know that at least some card art needs to be redone entirely. Not to get down on myself, but some of it just looks like crap, and i know i can do better.

Work on the Medieval Tales book has been going in fits and starts. I need to finish designing the chapter head sections, which is proving more difficult than i first thought.

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