Full steam ahead with colour!

Well, it sounds like the masses have (kind of) spoken, and (assuming that the stretch goal is hit), we’ll be doing colour versions of Call of Cthulhu 7th!

More detail: much discussion has been going on behind the scenes as to whether to eventually go full colour with the interiors of the books, or to (at most) go two-colour (i have been fighting for full colour all along, and in fact have been developing my design with that in mind). There was much debate, and not much in the way of agreement, so the vote was put to the Kickstarter supporters. And, perhaps ironically, the vote was split pretty much down the middle, 50/50. In the end, it’s been decided that we’ll go full colour after all, which pleases me to no end.

Now, just because i have this huge ass colour palette suddenly at my fingertips, it doesn’t mean that i’m going to go balls out crazy with the design. i’m still shooting for ease and readability first. Something i set out from the beginning to establish, and i think i’ve done a good job of that so far. I’ll be sending my examples to the guys out tonight, and see what they think of it. Hopefully they won’t come back and say it’s total crap. 😉

It’s weird, though- this is the first time i’ve ever worked in colour, and it is really quite different from b+w (duh). I mean, simply from a design approach, there’s a lot more to balance out; do my notebook pages stand out enough from the rest of the background, for instance? Or are the colours too similar, and it all just blends in?

Anyway- real exciting stuff. Sadly, i haven’t had any time to touch Feed the Shoggoth! lately…

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