Feedback Galore // MRP RIP

Well, i had turned in my first layout example to Charlie and the gang last week, and, um, the feedback on it was…there were a lot of points brought up. All valid. So last night, i sent in two more examples- kind of a salad bar approach. “Pick and chose which bits from both of these that you like, and i’ll mash ’em all together, sprinkle some croutons and dressing on them, and Bob’s your uncle”.

So far, opinions on those are much more positive, and while they’re more things to address, my gut tells me that i’m on the right course now. I think what i’ll do, once the books are in (or maybe even when they’re in the process of being laid out, but the design is locked in), is post images of the evolution stages of design for the book. To show what worked and what didn’t.

In other feedback news, i’ve heard back from Golden Goblin Press, and Oscar is really happy with what i’ve done for the Cthulhu Companion. Work continues apace on that.

Sadly, i have to report that Tom has decided to put Miskatonic River Press on indefinite hiatus; the struggles of a new career, low sales and support, and the fact that managing a publishing house was distracting from his first love, writing, forced him to make a choice.

I joined up with MRP back in 2009, i think. Tom had announced that Keith Herber had suddenly died, and that Tom had no idea of what the future may hold for MRP. I instantly volunteered to help out in any way that i could. Turns out, Keith was in the process of laying out Our Ladies of Sorrow, so Tom enlisted my help in getting the files off Keith’s computer and finishing the book. Since then, i’ve had the joy to work with Tom as staff layout monkey. Tom has been nothing but a stand up guy, forthright and honest. He’s allowed me a metric shit ton of creative freedom, and really trusted me to do what i felt was right design-wise. This, in turn, allowed me to grow and experiment, really honing my skills as a designer. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity, or a better boss.

I’m terribly sad to see MRP having to stop production soon (we’ve two more books; a fiction anthology, and Punktown), but i don’t regret for one second all the hard work we sweated over. The quality of the writing was top notch, and Tom was able to wrangle some of the best artists and writers. I /know/ Keith would be proud of what Tom did with MRP. Cheers, mate.

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