More feedback

I met with Charlie over the weekend to go over my mock ups, and get specific pointers on what he thought was going right, and what was going…not so right. Thankfully, overall, he likes the direction i’m going in. Most of the comments and criticisms he had were little things (increase the distance between paragraphs, get rid of the font point increase for the first paragraph, drop the transparency of this background art to 30%, and so on). The issue of header fonts continues to be a surprisingly sticky one; i’ve tried at least five iterations of different fonts for them, and so far, nothing can be agreed upon. I rather like the all caps one i’m using, but then, i liked the more period/tome styled font, too…back to the drawing board.

The basic layout design for the chapter start double page spread everyone seems to agree with, however, so that’s real good.

While that goes on, i continue working on Island of Ignorance for Golden Goblin Press, which is coming along fine. The only hitch with that book now is that, with everything else going on with the development of the project, getting someone to create the handouts for the adventures kinda slipped everyone’s minds, until i happened to bring it up. Whoops. 🙂

I’m also in the midst of polishing up my first book for Montag Press, M Against M. Had a bit of fun with it last night, creating my first [redacted] text for something. It’s always nice when something that i /think/ i can do in InDesign works how i planned it.

I also ran yet another playtest of Feed the Shoggoth over the weekend, and got more valuable feedback on it. I think this was the first time i ran it with seven players, and the game lasted about 1.5 hours…a bit too long, but not surprising. I think i may have to pitch the game as suitable for 3-6 players. And some interesting comments about any card that reduces scores actually dragging out the game, which is true. If i follow that advice, that’ll mean The Crown of the Yellow King will go under another revision…

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