…..and i think we’re done!

The handouts are done, “page xx” bits have been wiped out, the credits have been updated…i think it’s safe to say that “Bumps in the Night” is finally finished! Hot damn!

I really need to give a special shout out here to Propnomicon, a person whose amazing prop work i’ve admired from afar for over a year. I was stumped recently on how to create one of the handouts needed for a particular scenario in the book, and contacted him for some advice. Prop went far, far beyond what i was asking for, and made this gorgeous handout! I’ll see what i can do about posting a picture of it at some point.

Anyway, i still need to get sign off from Scott at Pagan, and do my own final inspection, but i think this guy is good to go. *whew* Now maybe i’ll get a break before resuming work on the BRP Magic Book…

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