Take /that/, tables!

I’m sure the multitudinous members of my audience will be happy to know that i finally figured out how to slay the tables importing dragon. It took me a bit, but here’s what i ended up doing:

1) I copied the original table from the manuscript file, created a new doc in Word, and pasted it there.

2) I then created a new document in InDesign.

3) Created a text content box, and hit Command+D to Place the Word doc containing just the table into the box.

4) Lastly, i copied that box/table and placed it in the main book.

And that worked. A bit of a work-around from being able to import/place it directly into the book, but hey, now it’s in there.

Continuing on the subject of tables, i’ve been creating a bunch of others in the core rule book as they come up; Damage Bonus charts, Income levels, etc. And at first, i was doing them in simple black and white. Which is, frankly, boring to look at. I had to remind myself that i’m working in color…so why not, in the spirit of the game, make them ichor green and white?  And thus, they now are. 🙂

Oh, and one tip that i discovered with resizing the cells of tables- you can move your cursor over a table grid, and drag them, but that resizes all of the cells. But you can also Shift+drag, and that will resize only that one row/column. Very handy!

2 Responses to “Take /that/, tables!”

  1. Nigel Clarke says:

    You might wish to consider how your colour choices impact those of us who make use of the PDF and print only what we need in black and white. How does that ichor green display in monochrome?

    BTW Thanks for giving us the benefit of your thinking on layout and design for the work you do for the various companies.

    • Badger says:

      That’s a good point- it is something i’m keeping in mind, knowing that down the road, adjustments will have to be made on my end for the B+W version of the book (both dead tree and PDF versions). But right now, i need to concentrate on how it’ll look in colour.

      Something like the tables shouldn’t be too hard to tweak for B+W; merely a question of swapping out the color scheme.

      And you’re welcome! I’m glad that people are enjoying reading up on the process. I’ll definitely do more in the future.