First cover design…and some more Feed the Shoggoth news


It’s kinda funny…i’ve been doing book design work for over a decade now, but up until recently, i’d never actually done a cover for any of the books i’ve worked on. But when Oscar at Golden Goblin Press assigned me to do the book design and layout for the upcoming De Horrore Cosmico, a collection of Call of Cthulhu scenarios set in the Cthulhu Invictus era, he asked me if i wanted to take a shot at the cover.

And, as usual, when someone offers up a challenge like that to me, it’s hard to refuse. 😉 So i set about doing a bunch of font tests, to see what would look visually appealing, as well as playing around with the basic format. Much to my dismay, i quickly discovered that the ratio that the original artist had created the cover art at wasn’t at the standard US paper measurements. Urk.

Meanwhile, my font examples…fell kinda flat with Oscar. He sent me back an example of what his art director, Mark, had in mind, which helped out considerably. Sometimes it’s great to have a blank slate to work from, but in other instances, a little direction can go a long way. Now i had an idea to work with.

But those side areas…oog. I needed to do something with them. The idea of filling them with Roman columns was briefly bandied about, but i quickly jettisoned that, as it made the cover look too crowded, and took the focus off the cover art. I started thinking about many of the visuals i saw from recently watching Gladiator, and how many instances of marble were not solid white after all. So, something less busy, and set back against the rest of the art…

Well, you can see what i came up with below:



De Horrore Cosmico Cover Final Small

In Feed the Shoggoth! news, i’m actively editing the video for the Kickstarter. This is absolutely the last step before going live (pending approval from the Overloads at KS, of course). Hopefully another couple of weeks…

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