Lots of stuff going on…

Hopefully i can remember all of it. I’ve been having to deal with some personal stuff lately, so i haven’t had a chance to do much here. That should change soon. But that doesn’t mean that i haven’t been hard at work. To wit:

– Arrius Lurco work continues. I’m still in the page element design phase, but i’m making headway. I’m really itching to start on plugging the text in, but one thing at a time…

– The review of the BRP Magic Book goes on, as well. I haven’t heard from Ben Monroe in the past few days, but last time i did, he was well on his way to getting his list of corrections/additions to me.

– Now that i have some spare time, i’m making some updates to the site, finally. The first of which is that Squamous Studios has it’s own Twitter account! You can find us by searching for squamousstudios. And i’ll be adding one of those Twit buttons on the home page soonish.

– I’m also working on an actual logo for the site, which will lead to a more general revamping of this place. It needs a lot of work, this little joint. Kind of drafty and moldy at the moment.

– And lastly, we’re now a part of the RPG Bloggers network- yet something else that’s on my plate to do is get their graphic put on the site. In the meantime, however, you can check that all out at http://www.rpgbloggers.com

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