Chunks and more chunks

I use the word “chunks” because that’s what i’ve been dealing with- big chunks of text. Specifically, i’ve gotten the first big chunk of Arrius Lurco, scenario I, all laid out. There will be plenty of fine-tuning needed, but overall it’s completed.

As an aside, here’s a demonstration, dear reader, of how dedicated i get to projects like this, and how much work not just myself, but most any good layout artist, puts into their projects. I have some images that i’m using for the backgrounds of the boxed texts. For one particular page, i used a copy of the image blown up to cover the full page. Well, when i did that, i noticed that the image looked almost half-toned, something i hadn’t noticed when i first scanned the image. What the hell? I can’t have that. So i looked at the raw image i had. Hm. Enlarging it shows that yes, indeed, it was half-toned. Crap. Must be the scanner (i’ve had this sort of problem before when scanning from glossy paper). So i scanned the image again. Same thing.

Long story short, i did multiple test scans, all showing the same problem. Okay, maybe it’s the book itself? I grabbed a magnifying glass, and sure enough, it was the printing of the book…so small normally, that the human eye wouldn’t pick it up, but the scanner sure as hell would.

Thankfully, i had a trick up me sleeve to take care of this, now that i knew what the cause was. It worked, and now everything looks fine.

The other chunk concerns the BRP Magic Book; i got the corrections back yesterday, so now i’ll pour over them and get them into the book that i have. Once that’s done, and the artist (Michael Cote) gets his pieces to me, we should be done!

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