I hate tabbed text.

There. I said it. I spit on thee, tabs. With Death’s last breath, i curse your name.


Now that that’s done, here’s a quick recap of the various sundry layout pies i have my, uh, fingers in:

Bumps: I sent off what should be the final final .pdf for approval by the Pagan guys. With any luck, this’ll find it’s way to the shelves around…April, i’m guessing?

BRP Magic Book: Sent a .pdf of that to Chaosium for approval. Alas, still waiting on the last two pieces of art. But still, it’s very close.

Arrius Lurco: This is moving along pretty damn swiftly. I finished with the first pass of scenario III, and have one more to go. Then it’s back to do the intro, and design the scenario header pages.

Project: Top Hat: No movement. I need to get cracking on this sharpish.

Ze Site: I’ve been doing some graphics work here and there to make a snazzier banner, but it’s not done yet. Soon, my pets. Soon.

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