It’s those last few inches

There’s been more back-and-forth with the Magic Book in the past couple of weeks…a new list of corrections came in, which i attacked with verve, then kicked back a list to the editor of questions i had…meanwhile, the artist is *this* close to having his last to pieces done.

Meanwhile Arrrrrrius “i’m not a pirate!” Lurconomicus continues apace. I finished the first, big layout pass of all the scenarios, and now i’m going back to do the introduction, which is rather a huge section. And i taught myself something new; i can now mess with paragraph rules to the point that i can create those grey separators in charts. I know, total layout nerdness, and i’m sure anyone reading this with a hint of pro training would probably point and laugh at the fact that i didn’t know how to previously, but dammit, i figured it out. Let me have my little victory, dammit.

Oh, and lastly, i finally updated the “About” page here. I really need to get cracking on the gallery next.

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