Lots of stuff going on

First, i’m very happy to say that i’ve just burned the disc with the final file for the BRP Magic Book; it’s done, out the door, stick a fork in it. Huzzah! Now, we have to see when it’ll fall into Chaosium’s printing queue. They know to expect it…

Next, i finished the first pass of the layout for Arrius Lurco, and the vast bulk of that book is done. Mostly now the work will consist of fine tuning the thing, getting the first few pages (title, ToC, and so on) finished.  I anticipate maybe another month at most before that’s ready for publication.

Lastly, i was at DunDraCon again this year, and ran a brand new scenario i wrote from scratch, called (Altered) Resonance. It was a big hit, and i plan on running it again at KublaCon…with the intention of using the playtesting to get that adventure ready to send to a  publisher (Pagan Pub will be first, since it’s Delta Green-related).

All in all, it’s been very productive as of late. Really happy to get the Magic Book out the door. It’ll be pretty damn cool, i think.

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