Meanwhile, in Lovecraft Country…

A couple of years ago (or so), Stygian Fox made a deal with Tom Lynch from Miskatonic River Press to revamp and re-publish four books: New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, More Adventures in Arkham Country, Our Ladies of Sorrow, and Tales of the Sleepless City. With things steadily wrapping up for the work on Fear’s Sharp Little Needles, we’ve launched our Kickstarter for the second edition of New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley. With 16 days still left to go (as of this writing), there’s still plenty of time to get in on this project; already successful within 24 hours!

A brief history of MRP and the first version of New Tales. The company was the brainchild of Doc Herber and Tom Lynch, with the intent of releasing new material for Classic Call of Cthulhu. Originally, Doc was doing all of the layout of the books himself; sadly, his passing resulted in him being only able to complete the first book in MRP’s line up (yours truly took up the mantle of book designer for MRP afterward).

Fast forward to today. Stephanie and I wanted to get a head start on New Tales volume 2, since the Kickstarter is already funded. We both originally assumed that I would have the source files from the original version, but I discovered that I actually don’t, because I never worked on that book. That was all on Doc, who was working in Quark with the text directly in the program. Obviously, none of us can get to that stuff.

So after some quick conversation, we got something back from Tom that’s an export from a .pdf file, which I’m in turn doing some further conversion with, and then doing a massive clean up to try to get all the text into a workable flow that I can drop into InDesign. It’s…a slog.

But hey, at least I’m getting a jump on all this now!

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