Random bits o’ stuff

By now, Fear’s Sharp Little Needles has been out for a couple of months or so. What’s that? You don’t own a copy of it yet? Well then! Please follow this link to DriveThruRPG and order one now! Related to FSLN, there’s a .pdf supplement for it, Aspirations, which I’m still awaiting a couple of maps for. Once I have those, Stygian will be able to release that as well.

I know that people have been asking about the status of The Dare and why I haven’t posted an update about it here lately. Sadly, that’s due to the fact that there hasn’t been a whole lot to discuss lately. Bret at Sentinel Hill Press has had to deal with a whole host of hiccups and roadblocks thrown his way, not the least of which has been artists and cartographers going AWOL on him. And I can’t continue my work until I have those elements to place in the book. :/ I am in contact with Bret constantly, so nothing going on is due to a lack of communication from either party. Once I do have some news about it, I’ll of course post it here. I just got word that more maps are coming shortly, so that’s great.

Meanwhile, I’ve been finalizing the Kickstarter for the first Feed the Shoggoth! expansion, which will be titled Feed the Shoggoth!: Morsels of Madness!. We’re pretty much ready to launch, but we’ve decided to postpone going live until the beginning of 2019. With the holidays almost here, people are going to be less apt to spend their present money on Kickstaters (yep, there’s actually data to back this up. If you start looking, you’ll find people who have devoted a crap ton of time compiling and pouring over statistics about Kickstarters over the past several years). Plus, I’ll be able to devote much more time for it after the silly season is over with. 

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