Whole lot to talk about…

There’s been a ton of (mostly good) stuff going on in the Studios, and we’re way past due for an update here. So let’s get started:

  1. Squamous Studios is finally, officially, Squamous Studios LLC! That doesn’t really mean much to you, as it isn’t going to have any impact on what we’re doing as a company, but we’re now a legal entity, which is pretty damn cool (and starting your own business is quite the involved process, as I’ve discovered).
  2. The Kickstarter for Morsels of Madness was started and successfully funded earlier in the year, and now I’m in the process of finishing up all of the artwork. As of this writing, I have two more pieces to do, and then it’s on to the layout part of things (which thankfully is mostly done already. The layout will primarily involve placing the new art, and cleaning up the rules text on the cards).
  3. We had another Kickstarter launch last month, for Damon’s game Arkham Relic Hunt. Sadly, this did not meet its funding goal, so we have cancelled that KS. Fear not, though! We’re going to regroup, learn from the reasons why it didn’t succeed, and re-launch it again in early August. One of the big stumbling blocks with the Kickstarter was a lack of artwork to show potential backers early on, due to the artist having to deal with a host of unfortunate circumstances. We had to let him go, but have now enlisted the services of Galen P., who has been amazing so far.
  4. Soon after my last post here in December, I was offered not one, but two positions at Stygian Fox- Art Director, and Co-Director of the company (along with Chitin Proctor, Simon Brake, and a couple others). Naturally, I accepted this tremendous honor. 🙂
  5. I wish I had news on The Dare, but Bret is still waiting for some final art and maps to come in. Until that happens, I’m unfortunately still stuck in a holding pattern. :/
  6. Meanwhile, I’ve been neck deep in the design and layout for New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 2nd edition. I’m almost done with the text layout, and once that’s completed I’ll be moving back to the top of the book and begin placing elements such as maps, art, and so on.
  7. Lastly (and this is the biggest piece of news), Squamous Studios has entered into an agreement with Indie Press Revolution, who will now distribute all of our products! This is huuuuuge. We’ve been attempting to hook up with a distributor for months (if not years), and haven’t had any luck up until now. The proliferation of successful Kickstarter projects within the gaming industry has been a great boon for small companies such as ours, but it has had one unfortunate side effect; because there are now so many games on the market, distributors have to be a lot more choosy about what they can store in their warehouses and sell. And unless you’re already a good sized company, or end up with a massive hit on your hands, most distributors aren’t even going to look your way. Indie Press Revolution has been, as their name states, a big supporter of small, independent game companies for a long time. And I was able to talk to Jason Walters (owner of IPR) at a local con a couple of weekends ago. He and I had been talking off and on every once in a while about Squamous joining up with IPR, and recently things have changed within them such that they could take us on. You can still get our wares at Feed the Shoggoth’s own website, but now we have a much, much bigger reach into stores and conventions than we ever did before.

I think that’s it! Whew. If you’ve read this entire entry, I commend you. 🙂

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