2019 year in review

Well, I didn’t post again before the year was over, but I’m at least pretty close…

2019 felt like an odd year for us at Squamous Studios, insofar as we worked our butts off on various projects, but we didn’t see much in the way of the fruits of our labor.

We launched two Kickstarters this year, both of which were successful. The first was for Morsels of Madness. I had thought that there was a good possibility of getting the game done and into the hands of folks by October or thereabouts, but the art took a bit longer than anticipated, as well as the box design. The second KS was for Arkham Relic Hunt, which is slated for release next year. Err, this year. 2020. Sheesh, that’s weird to type out. Anyway, we’re on track to get both products out this year (I’m guessing Morsels will be out in Q1, with ARH arriving some time around Q3).

On the Stygian Fox side of things, we snagged another ENnie, this time for Fear’s Sharp Little Needles. While that’s great news, we had some controversy hit us in the form of outstanding Kickstarters that haven’t been fulfilled, raising the (totally justified, imho) ire of people who saw Stygian spin up another KS (for Innsmouth ’86). That led to Kickstarter putting a halt to any in-progress or upcoming projects, until we finished off our unfulfilled ones. Which, despite the fact that…well, sucks on a few levels (Innsmouth ’86 was getting a huge positive reaction), I think we needed to be put in this place.

My big project has been New Tales of the Misk. Valley 2nd edition, which, again, I thought I’d have it done for release by the end of 2019, but obviously I was wrong. That seems to be the overarching theme of 2019; however, as of last night, we have released the digital version of the book to our backers, and the print version will be coming out soonish, depending entirely on how cooperative the printer behaves this time around.

So, I’m hoping that 2020 (and dammit, I can’t help but think of Cyberpunk 2020 every time I write that) will be the year of Releasing Stuff. Looks like we’re already off to a great start, with New Tales coming out in digital form. I aim to keep that up, both on the Squamous front and with Stygian Fox.

And maybe update this place more than once or twice a year. 😉

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