Okay, this time for sure!

Honestly, Legacy of Arrius Lurco is done! Proofs have been approved after my final corrections, and the book is at the printer as i type this. Woot! I’ve been asked to help do the layout for the two bonus scenarios that people who pre-ordered Arrius Lurco will get, so i’m not quite able to put Mr. Lurco to bed.

I’ve also been ramping up production on Cthulhu by Gaslight 3rd Ed. I’ve wrangled all the text into shape (and boy, is there a lot of it), and now i’m looking for fonts and banners to play with. I’ve also gotten myself some additional resource material to help immerse myself in the 1890’s; i really want to do this book justice, as it’s considered one of the core era books. It deserves to look its possible best.

In addition, i’ve sent off a revised version of “Mrs. Bentley’s Colouring Books” to Arc Dream/Pagan. Hopefully they’ll use it in an upcoming issue of The Unspeakable Oath. I have about two or three more scenarios that’ll i’ll have more news on soon.

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