Arrius Lurco has been unleashed!

As i type this, copies of The Legacy of Arrius Lurco are winding their way to distributors and around the globe. I’m damn proud of this book, and i can’t wait to see it in physical form. It’s one thing to view it on the screen, either in InDesign or as a .pdf; it’s a whole other experience to see the actual book. Go grab yourself a copy!

I also did the layout for a couple of bonus scenarios that go out to those special customers who pre-ordered Arrius Lurco.

Moving on from Lurco, i’m currently polishing up an old scenario i wrote a long time ago that first saw publication in Book of Dark Wisdom, back when they were focused on the Call of Cthulhu RPG, and not fiction. This revised edition will see publication on The Unspeakable Oath’s website. After that scenario, i’ve about about three more that i need to get cracking on.

And as far as book design goes, Project: Top Hat, which is actually Cthulhu by Gaslight 3rd Edition, is my next big project, and i’ve already undertaken a lot of the backstage work on it; finding/buying books on the late Victorian era, getting fonts in order, figuring out page decoration, sorting out the text, and other fun stuff. I’ve even been in contact with Kevin Ross, the main author of the 3rd Edition, which has been really cool. All i’m missing now is some new artwork…

At any rate, the goal is to have this puppy done by some time in the summer. Eek!

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