Ahh, transparency, my old friend

I’d just finished laying out the basic text for the Gaslight book, when i decided to do some clean up work on the chapter header images that i’d made. There are some graphics that i made that, despite my creating them as .tifs with transparent backgrounds, the transparency wasn’t showing up how i intended in the book. Hrm.

So i went back, went through the process of resaving the file, and saw that i’d missed a checkbox the first time ’round: “Save Transparency”. Aha! I resaved my files, and all is well.


These images are line art, essentially, banners that will have text overlaid. However, by including the transparency, that means any graphic underneath is going to show through the banner now. Whoops. Not what i want. So now i’ve gone through and filled the banners, preserved the transparency, and now everything’s as it should be.

All that work for something that you, dear reader, probably won’t notice much. 😉

Edit: And now i’m realizing that i’m going to have to do the same thing to the boxed text background images, too. Whee!

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