Gears are syncing up

Been gone a while, out of town for a wedding in Boston, so i haven’t been able to do much work until now. Right now, i’ve been acting as more of producer for Gaslight; writing up contracts, talking to artists and others, consulting with the author, talking with Charlie about various aspects…it’s been really fun and interesting. A larger role than i was expecting, but i certainly don’t mind.

I’ve got a new map artist in line, and his work should look familiar to those of you who have checked out The Legacy of Arrius Lurco– Steff Worthington. His work is amazing, and i’m super pleased to have him on board.

For myself, i’ve been working mostly on cleaning up the old artwork and maps that i scanned from the original pages. After that, i’ve really got to get cracking on the page design some more…getting stamps of approval from Charlie and Kevin Ross on what i’ve done so far was a good thing, to be sure. I know i’m on the right track for sure!

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