Inching towards the finish line

Just about there with a couple of projects…

Lux In Tenebras: I’ve gotten the corrected character sheets back, and just need to plug one more in, and that should be done and dusted.

Dissecting Cthulhu: Received some feedback from Tom via S.T. Joshi; overall it’s very positive, with some minor fixing that needs to be done. Joshi’s working on the index (for which i’m eternally grateful- indexes incur a mandatory 1D20 Sanity loss any time i even have to think about doing them), but after that and doing the ToC, it should be good to go.

As far as Gaslight 3rd ed goes, well, the story is about the same. I am working with the artwork that i have, as it trickles in. I have to say, though, that the book will ultimately have a TON of artwork inside, between the new art from Adam and John, the original pieces that i culled from 2nd edition, and a wealth of period artwork i gathered from different sources (including some weapons for the era- thanks, Dean!), there’s going to be almost too much.

And therein lies one of the challenges of doing a book like this. When is there an overabundance of artwork, to the point that it actually is a detriment to the book as a whole? I love art as much as the next guy or gal, but clogging the text with too much is Just Plain Bad. As much as part of me wants to shove everything in, i know that i’m going to have to exhibit some restraint.

But hey, this is a much better situation to be in than having too little art. 🙂

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