More writing for Project: Pineal Gland

I’ve been working here and there on Project: Pineal Gland, and am now up to a not-so-measly word count of 5200. I think i’ll be lucky if i top out at 10000 for now, but i’m sure that’s going to increase when i get around to playtesting the scenario. I have to say that doing research into the Black Forest in Germany is becoming a real hoot. That’s one of the things about Call of Cthulhu that i enjoy; i’ve learned more about history and other countries that i probably ever did when i was actually in school.

Kind of sad, really.

As far as this site goes, i’m compiling covers for all the past books that i’ve had a hand in, and finished the background image. There’s more work to be done. One thing that i’d like to do is port over all the old bits and pieces that i wrote over the years for my old Call of Cthulhu-centric website. That’s shouldn’t be too much of a problem, technically; deciding what stays behind will be the toughest part. There are a bunch of pages of material written from my CoC campaigns that might fall by the way side. We’ll see.

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