Now that things are falling into place resource-wise, i’m really starting to get a handle on putting Cthulhu by Gaslight together…and realizing now how much STUFF i have to work with. Map stuff. Art stuff. Header stuff. Diagrams stuff. Period pictures stuff.

It’s at this point in the process that doing layout is rather like a giant puzzle, with all these various and sundry pieces that need to somehow a) fit onto pieces of 8.5 x 11″ paper, and b) maintain readability. And it’s rather a tricky balancing act- i’ve got all this STUFF i want to…well, stuff into the book, because it’s all cool and neat and can help the players and and and…and i need to rein myself in sometimes. And self-edit. What’s *really* necessary for the reader? How much is too much? Is your average audience member going to give a shit what a hansom cab looks like? Do they really need that detailed map of Hounslow? (probably not.)

So yeah, some stuff is just going to have to go. Even still, with things that i’ll have to leave on the cutting room floor, Cthulhu by Gaslight is going to be absolutely filled to the brim. I frankly wouldn’t be surprised if this book eventually hits the 200 page mark.


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