A new book in record time

No sooner had i finished off Dissecting Cthulhu for Miskatonic River Press when Tom Lynch contacted me and said, “hey, we’ve got this collection of short stories that we really want to get out on the shelves by Christmas…any chance you could crank this out? You’ve got about, uh, three days.” Lunatic that i am, i immediately jumped at the challenge, and managed to crank this thing faster than any book i’ve ever done. Granted, it’s just a fiction collection, so there weren’t a lot of moving parts, but still, it wasn’t easy.

There will be the usual round of corrections (which i’m currently waiting for), but barring any unexpected problems, you should be able to get your own copy of Horror for the Holidays some time in December! Oh, and check out the list of authors- it really is a damn good collection of stories. Anything with Scott David Aniolowski’s name on it is going to be full of win.

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