About Squamous Studios

Squamous Studios is a small design, art, and writing studio lurking in the shadows of the gaming world. It’s the small “company” for your host, Badger. I’ve been working as a layout monkey and book designer for the RPG industry since 2003, first starting out with Chaosium, and then branching out to other companies, mostly those that specialize in material for Call of Cthulhu. Last year, i became staff Book Designer for Miskatonic River Press. Not to worry, i’m still working for Chaosium. :)

I figured it was high time that i try to establish some sort of itty bitty web presence, and this website is the result of that…although, as you can see, this site is still in it’s proto-shoggoth stages.

A portfolio of my published works is now up! Just click on the Portfolio link to view them. I’ll create a gallery with sample pages soon.

I still like pie.

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  1. MARCO PALMER says:

    Hi, we are looking for a layout artist for our book. The book wil lroughly be 300 pages and include lots of photographs. How much do you charge?


    Marco Palmer

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